task 3.1  

European Earthquake Database, coord. INGV

The goal of Task 3.1 is to produce a unified, continent-wide dataset of earthquake data. It will be achieved by blending existing historical datasets and reassessing calibrated magnitudes with support from several institutions and national catalogues.

The Deliverable D3.2 "Updated European earthquake catalogue, with homogeneous magnitude calibration", will be delivered by November 2010 (delayed to March 2011).

SHEEC - SHARE European Earthquake Catalogue


  • 1000-1899 (following NERIES NA4, coord. INGV)
    • assessing a collaborative list of earthquakes (from AHEAD)
    • retrieving and qualifying the relevant background dataset (from AHEAD)
    • calibrating methods for determining earthquake parameters from MDPs in varied regions
    • determining earthquake parameters from MDPs and other background data
  • 1900 on (according the GFZ methodology, coord. GFZ)
    • defining and critically merging a qualified set of parametric catalogues (see Catalogue Archive)
    • assessing and homogenizing Mw
    • determining earthquake parameters from MDPs for large events in the same way as for the previous time-window (cancelled)

Deliverable 3.2 – Updated European earthquake catalogue, with homogeneous magnitude calibration

Version 2 is constituted by version 1, complemented with the descriptions of the steps that the SHARE catalogue underwent from its first release in April 2011 up to version 3.1

   Deliverable 3.2 - version 2
   Assessing the completeness of SHEEC,
the SHARE European Earthquake Catalogue
and Appendix
The latest version (SHEEC v3.2) is equivalent to version 3.1, with the following exceptions:
  • attribution of the earthquakes to the final SHARE area source model (including intermediate depth area sources)
  • revised completeness