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Albini et al., 1994c

Albini P., Cecic I., Morelli G., Sovic I., Zivcic M., 1994c. A preliminary investigation of the January 4th, 1802 earthquake. In: P. Albini and A. Moroni (eds.), Materials of the CEC project "Review of Historical Seismicity in Europe", CNR, Milano, vol. 2, 205-214.

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Parametric catalogues locate the epicentre of an earthquake occurred on January 4th, 1802 in various areas: in the wider area around the towns of Rijeka, in Croatia (Karnik, 1971) or Trieste, in Italy (Postpischl, 1985); in southern Slovenia near to the Croatian border (Shebalin et al., 1974) or in the eastern part of Istrian peninsula (Cvijanovic, 1981) (Fig. 1). The parameters assigned to this earthquake by these catalogues are shown in Tab. 1.
Catalogue Date Time Lat Lon I o
Karnik, 1971 1802 01 04 07/08 45 18 14 24 >=7 MSK
Shebalin et al., 1974 1802 01 03 06 30 45 36 14 18 8 (?) MSK
Cvijanovic, 1981 1802 01 03 06 30 45 24 14 18 8 MSK
Postpischl, 1985 1802 01 04 06 00 45 40 13 48 5 MCS
Tab. 1 - Main parameters of the 1802 earthquake in the parametric catalogues. Parametric catalogues disagree also upon date and time of the earthquake - Shebalin et al. (1974) and Cvijanovic (1981) date the event on January 3rd - and about epicentral intensity, which ranges from V MCS to VIII MSK. The earthquake catalogue of Slovenia (Ribaric, 1982) does not include this event.

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1802 01 04Slovenia  8  F