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Albini, 2004

Albini P., 2004. A survey of the past earthquakes in the Eastern Adriatic (14th to early 19th century). Annals of Geophysics, 47, 2/3, 675-703. https://doi.org/10.4401/ag-3331.

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Focusing on the Eastern Adriatic region, from Zadar in the north to Corfu in the south, the background information supporting our knowledge of the seismicity in the time-span 14th to early 19th century is discussed from the point of view of the historical earthquake records. The late 19th century seismological compilations turn out to be those responsible for the uneven spatial and temporal distribution of seismicity suggested by current parametric earthquake catalogues. This awareness asked for a comprehensive reappraisal of the reliability and completeness of the available historical earthquake records. This task was addressed by retrieving in the original version the information already known, by putting the records in the historical context in which they were produced, and finally by sampling historical sources so far not considered. Selected case histories have been presented in some detail also. This material altogether has shown that i) current parameterisation of past earthquakes in the Eastern Adriatic should be reconsidered in the light of a critically revised interpretation of the available records; ii) collecting new evidence in sources and repositories, not fully exploited so far, is needed. This should aim mostly at overcoming another limitation affecting the evaluation of full sets of earthquake parameters, that is the few observations available for each earthquake. In this perspective, an optimistic assessment of the potential documentation on this area is proposed.

Nell'archivio ci sono In the archive there are 18 terremoti provenienti da questo studio: earthquakes considered from this study:

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  DataDate    Area epicentraleEpicentral area    MDPs   Imax  EQ in
EQ in
Riferim. in
1387 03 05Zadar  -  -    
1390 12 05Zadar  -  -    
1399 11 06Zadar  -  -    
1407 06 25Zadar  -  -    
1481 02 14Dubrovnik  -  -    
1482 02Dubrovnik  -  -    
1496 11 28Dubrovnik  -  -    
1504 12 07Dubrovnik  -  -    
1516 05 06Dubrovnik  -  -      
1516 07 28Dubrovnik  -  -      
1520 05 17Dubrovnik  -  -    
1534 02 03Dubrovnik  -  -    
1543 08 13Dubrovnik  -  -    
1544 03 06Dubrovnik  -  -    
1563 06 13Kotor  -  -    
1608 05 14Kotor  -  -      
1608 07 25Kotor  -  -    
1608 09 15 16 30Kotor  -  -