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Galli et al., 2006

Galli P., Bosi V., Piscitelli S., Giocoli A., Scionti V., 2006. Late Holocene earthquakes in southern Apennines: paleoseismology of the Caggiano fault. Int. J. Earth Sci. 95, 855-870. https://doi.org/10.1007/s00531-005-0066-2

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Although southern Apennines are characterized by the strongest crustal earthquakes of centralwestern Mediterranean region, local active tectonics is still poorly known, at least for seismogenic fault-recognition is concerned. Research carried out in the Maddalena Mts. (southeast of Irpinia, the region struck by the Mw=6.9, 1980 earthquake) indicates historical ruptures along a 17-km-long, N120 normal fault system (Caggiano fault). The system is characterized by a bedrock fault scarp carved in carbonate rocks, which continues laterally into a retreating and eroded smoothed scarp, affecting the clayey-siliciclastic units, and by smart scarps and discontinuous free-faces in Holocene cemented slope-debris and in modern alluvial fan deposits. The geometry of the structure in depth has been depicted by means of electrical resistivity tomography, while paleoseismic analysis carried out in three trenches revealed surface-faulting events during the past 7 ky BP (14C age), the latest occurred in the past 2 ky BP (14C age) and, probably, during/after slopedebris deposition related to the little ice age (circa 1400–1800 A.D.). Preliminary evaluation accounts for minimum slip rates of 0.3–0.4 mm/year, which is the same order of rates estimated for many active faults along the Apennine chain. Associated earthquakes might be in the order of Mw=6.6, to be compared to the historical events occurred in the area (e.g., 1561 and 1857 p.p. earthquakes).

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  DataDate    Area epicentraleEpicentral area    MDPs   Imax  EQ in
EQ in
Riferim. in
1466 01 14Irpinia  29  10    
1561 08 19Vallo di Diano  36  10-11