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Kouskouna et al., 2020

Kouskouna V., Kaperdas V., Sakellariou N., 2020 Comparing calibration coefficients constrained from early to recent macroseismic and instrumental earthquake data in Greece and applied to eighteenth century earthquakes. Journal of Seismology 24, 293-317. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10950-019-09874-7

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The purpose of this paper is to determine calibration constants of instrumental Greek earthquakes in order to calculate the basic seismic parameters of historical earthquakes (magnitude, epicenter, focal depth) via macroseismic data. Two different approaches are adopted for calibration procedure. The first implements the macroseismic estimation of earthquake parameters (MEEP procedure) and is based on macroseismic data points (MDPs). The second approach calculates macroseismic magnitude based on isoseismal areas, using both linear and multiple regression techniques. The datasets used for analysis comprise of 121 instrumental earthquakes with 7247 MDPs and 123 isoseismal maps. Validation of the results is performed using six instrumental earthquakes in order to verify the calibration parameters. Finally, calibration constants are successfully applied for parameters calculation of eight eighteenth century events. Thus, the application of the results to historical earthquakes contributes to the improvement of the seismic picture of Greece.

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  DataDate    Area epicentraleEpicentral area    MDPs   Imax  EQ in
EQ in
Riferim. in
1704 11 22Lefkada  -  -    
1708 04Negreponte  -  -      
1740 10Lamia  -  -    
1741 06 23Kefallinia  -  -    
1742 02 21Corinthia  -  -    
1748 05 25Aigio  -  -    
1767 07 22Kefallinia  -  -    
1769Lefkada  -  -