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Current version 1.7

A plugin for QGIS 3.x that relies on web services for loading seismological data


QQuake is published in the QGIS official repository, therefore it can be easily installed from within QGIS.

screenshot showing how to install QQuake into QGIS


Data retrieved using this plugin is provided under the responsibility of the data provider managing each web service.
Neither INGV, nor the plugin authors are responsible for the use that might be made of the data retrieved, nor are they responsible for any damage to third-parties caused by conclusions based on these data.
Data retrievied using the plugin may be altered with respects to the original data provided from the web services due to data reprocessing required to load data into QGIS (typically for converting the XML hierarchical structure into a table).
The plugin should be considered experimental.


This plugin is released with a GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 3, 29 June 2007