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European initiatives

European Archive of Historical Earthquake Data | AHEAD

AHEAD is a distributed archive aiming at preserving, inventorying and making available data sources on the earthquake history of Europe, such as papers, reports, macroseismic data points (MDPs), parametric catalogues, etc.
Opening date24 January 2013, continuously updated
Time-window1000 - 1899

European PreInstrumental earthquake CAtalogue | EPICA

EPICA 1000-1899, is a parametric catalogue of European historical earthquakes compiled in the framework of the EC Project SERA. EPICA builds on the current version of AHEAD, which supplied both the list of earthquakes, obtained after sorting duplications out and eliminating fake events, and the most updated historical datasets.
Release date27 April 2021
Time-window1000 - 1899
International initiatives
Global Earthquake History | GEH
GEM foundation Global Component.
Under development since 2010

Discontinued initiatives

Italian initiatives

Parametric Catalogue of Italian Earthquakes | CPTI15 v4.0

The reference parametric earthquake catalogue for studying the Italian seismic hazard assessment.
Release date24 January 2022
Time-window1000 - 2020

Italian Macroseismic Database | DBMI15 v4.0

The macroseismic intensity database used for the compilation of the CPTI parametric earthquake catalogue.
Release date24 January 2022
Time-window1000 - 2020
Macroseismic data points123981

Italian Archive of Historical Earthquake Data | ASMI

The archive of historical earthquake data considered for the compilation of DBMI and CPTI.
Opening data31 July 2017 (continuously updated)
Time-windowstarts at -461, no end date defined
Eventsmore than 6200
No. of data sourcesmore than 400

Discontinued initiatives

A plugin for QGIS 3.x for loading seismological data from web services.
Under development since 2020
Macroseismic Intensity Data Online Publisher | MIDOP
A tool that allows web-inexperienced users to easily generate a website with interactive maps starting from unappealing macroseismic intensity data tables.
Under development since 2006


A tool to compute focal parameters of earthquakes from macroseismic data
Under development since 1999
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