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MIDOP is available for free to any institution or individual interested.
The tool is released under:
- Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 (BY-NC-SA) International License
- AGPL v3 License.

If you use MIDOP, please, let us know by sending an email with:

Your email will be very important for us as it will help us keeping trace of the use of MIDOP and it will increase the networking among users.

By installing MIDOP you understand that you will use it at your own risk.
Though we made every effort to make the tool useful and problem free, it is available "as is"
and we will not provide any technical support.
There is no guarantee that it will suit your needs, no guarantee that it will not cause problems
on any system on which it will be used, and no guarantee against consequential damages.

MIDOP package, February 2023 release
compressed 829MB, uncompressed 976MB
  1. Unzip the folder "MIDOP" into your webserver root folder
          (on Windows usually "C:\myWebServerFolder\htdocs\" and on Linux "/var/www/html/")
          If you don't have any webserver and would like to try out MIDOP,
          you may want to try out the pre-configured webserver below (only for Windows users)
  2. turn ON your local webserver (Apache, PHP and MySQL)
  3. point your browser to the MIDOP folder served by your webserver (e.g.: http://localhost/MIDOP)

 Changelog [click for more]

Important notes

Only the output website that is generated using MIDOP can be published on a public web page.

MIDOP is made of PHP code meant to work on a local computer and accessed inside a protected environment, typically an intranet.
DO NOT espose the MIDOP control panel to the public because the source code is not written to face potential attacks by malicious people.

 Notes on the required webserver configuration for serving MIDOP generated websites [click for more]

 Notes for macOS users [click for more]

 Notes for Linux users [click for more]

Additional details on how to install MIDOP are available in the manual.

Additional resources

 Example dataset, based on the work by Olivera et al., 2006


  Pre-configured web server for Windows (zipped 189MB, unzipped 680MB), with Apache + PHP + MySQL

  1. Unzip the folder "xampp" to "C:\xampp\"
  2. Place the MIDOP folder (extracted from the MIDOP package above) into "C:\xampp\htdocs"
  3. Execute "C:\xampp\setup_xampp.bat"
    If an error appears complaining that VCRUNTIME140.dll was not found,
    download ad install the Visual C++ Redistributable executable from the Microsoft website
  4. Execute "xampp-control.exe"
  5. Start the Apache server
    If a Window Security Alert popup appears, allow Apache HTTP server to communicate with both Private and Public networks
  6. Start the MySQL server
    If a Window Security Alert popup appears, allow https server to communicate with both Private and Public networks
  7. Open your browser and go to http://localhost/MIDOP
  8. If the page http://localhost/MIDOP does not work, you may due to Skype, the telecommunications application that interfere with the webserver. In fact, Skype should be turned OFF when you switch ON thr webserver as both the webserver and Skype use the http port 443.
    If you use Skype, simply follow this procedure:
    - Turn OFF Skype
    - Switch OFF both Apache and MySQL servers
    - Switch ON both Apache and MySQL servers
    - Wait until the Apache server is up and running - Check if http://localhost responds correctly in your web browser
    - Turn ON Skype

In this pre-configured web server, the predefined MySQL user is 'midop' and the password is 'midop'.

the pre-configured web server is a custom webserver based on the XAMPP portable 8.1.12
with Apache 2.4.54, MySQL/MariaDB 10.4.27, PHP 8.1.12, phpMyAdmin 5.2.0, XAMPP Control Panel 3.2.4